​Aura Homeopathy India: ​Team of ​​Best Homeopathy Doctor In Delhi NCR India


​Homeopathic medicine is ​consumed by ​more than​ ​55​ crore p​atient​s ​al over the World, ​According to WHO- World Health Organisation, ​homeopathy​ system of Medicine​ is the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world. ​It started in Germany and practiced in ​more than 78 countries, homeopathy ​system of medicine ​is ​very popular in India and is used by ​more than​ 1​2​ crore​ patients​ in ​India. ​Hahnemanian Award recipient Dr ​Abhishek Kasana, the founder chairman of ​Aura Homeopathy Clinic India, is responsible for pioneering modern homeopathy in ​Faridabad- NCR Delhi.

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